Monday, 7 January 2013

Sanctions to be Imposed on Communist France

Scratch beneath the surface of a French Socialist.
Only a liberal could dream up this   do good   hateful bile;
keeping a hateful hashtag from popping up is not exactly the same as book-burning
So called pacifist 'liberals' in the media are always the first to martyr themselves for freedom - as long as it doesn't affect their dream of joining the chosen in the citadels* who specialise in feeding human weaknesses, guilt and shame[i]. Progress happens not when we abandon the past but learn from mistakes and finally stop repeating them. Burning communist-rats-posing-as-liberals is therefore preferable to book-burning and #hashtag oppression.
It is easier to burn a book than read it. It is easier to burn a Constitution than to uphold it. It is also easier to ban something than to address underlying issues.
This guy’s incredible conclusion is that it is the Constitution of the United States itself that is causing all that ails the nation at this time. Not once did I read about the Federal Reserve, or the “war on terror,” or the banker bailouts, or the complete destruction of the rule of law in recent years. Nope, none of that. Instead, this scholar’s conclusion is that the founding document, which created the fertile breeding ground for freedom and free markets and led to tens of millions of people to flee to from all corners of the globe, is the problem. New York Times Op Ed: “Let’s Give Up on the Constitution"
Burning communist rats and liberals is quite preferable to book-burning and #hashtag oppression. Although liberals may look on the constant verge of combustion, they take some effort to successfully catch fire unless they happen to be wearing nylon.

Communist rats easily burrow into the ideas of liberals and infest them with socialism. It is no coincidence that if rats are not killed at source, the plague returns again and again to raid your compost bin. Bastards have been plagued for centuries by a similar plague - the french. Across the channel their socialists plot even now to spread sedition and tax hikes for the rich. Indeed good, honest hard-working very rich people are even now as we speak fleeing this hostile regime.

The hateful french women's rights minister, najat vallaud-belkacem is channelling the spirits of long dead European dictators in the hope their souls will fill the void where her soul should be. I base this on the demonstrable fact that only a soulless communist rat could dream up this bile;
going beyond mere prosecution for those who post such tweets and now "wants Twitter to take steps to help prosecute hate speech" by "reform[ing] the whole system by which Twitter operates", including her demand that the company "put in place alerts and security measures" to prevent tweets which French officials deem hateful.
Instead of setting off the sirens to this assault on freedom, which liberals are supposed to withhold, they are lining up for their future slaughter like the sheep they truly are;
People who want the state to punish the expression of certain ideas are so convinced of their core goodness, the unchallengeable rightness of their views, that they cannot even conceive that the ideas they like will, at some point, end up on the Prohibited List.
The internet age is supposed to be an golden age of wonder and consciousness, however just like the fiction of advances in the ages of industry and technology, we remain serfs to the fiction of our reality. This is an age of illusion where our collective IQ levels may be going negative, sublimated by fear and anxiety.
The history of human knowledge is nothing more than the realization that yesterday's pieties are actually shameful errors.
We must search and destroy their lairs possibly located in france although not in this video but you get the idea; 

* this promised land could well contain a promise of many virgins in the afterlife but the hands of power work in mysterious ways and therefore should be kept away from children.  

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