Sunday, 6 January 2013

Old Age Terrorists #33 Sirens Wailing

My internal alarm bells are ringing. 
there is nothing special or innately superior about western people. They are not the master race. They are simply geographically privileged.
This geographical advantage leads to a genetic advantage as our children grow tall and strong whilst the poor are being fattened for the slaughter. There is another way;

...consider the issue of old age. "Most traditional societies give their older folk much more satisfying existences than we do and let them live out their last years surrounded by their children, relatives and grandchildren," says Diamond*. "Old people are useful – as sources of knowledge because these societies do not have books.
This conflict of interest can also be seen in the actions of book burner and former upper class twit of the year Profit George Osborne. It has now come to my attention that rather than making it government policy to burn old people for fuel, he may in fact want to spare old people. He is clearly not fit for purpose and must be replaced by a new model.
The Bleeding Nose Shelter Presents the T-666 series Tribute to Motorhead;
If you want to survive a cyclone, an old person's past experiences might well determine whether that group lives or dies. And they are often the best makers of tools and pots and baskets and weapons. In the west today – with our cult of youth – we seem to have lost how to get value from our older people." There are exceptions. Nomad tribes, particularly those in the Arctic or deserts, faced with insufficient food will often kill old people or abandon them – or encourage them to commit suicide, a grim policy taken to extremes not just by the Kaulong but by people of the Banks Islands in the Pacific, whose old and sick would beg their friends to bury them alive to end their suffering, and the Chukchi, who live in the northeastern corner of Asia, who used to encourage their old folk to let themselves be strangled on the promise they would get preferential treatment in the next world. Yes, it sounds grim, admits Diamond, but it has a cruel logic: food supplies are limited and what else should they do when resources dry up? Let their children starve? Jared Diamond: what we can learn from tribal life
* This Diamond geezer cannot be trusted as a source as he is old. He is bound to lie, steal and cheat to avoid extermination. 

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