Thursday, 3 January 2013

Back to Basics #Redux

Some groups are are against progress, however the Conservative party have progressed. Under the terrifying regime of benefit scrounger Maggie Thatcher child milk snatcher we were reminded of the need to return to Victorian values. The new caring and sharing have vowed to out do this by taking us back to the last ice age and indeed civilisation itself. Behold;

The provision and receipt of health care may therefore reflect some of the most fundamental aspects of a culture," the two archaeologists wrote in The International Journal of Paleopathology.In the case of Burial 9, Tilley says, not only does his care indicate tolerance and cooperation in his culture but suggests that he himself had a sense of his own worth and a strong will to live. Without that, she says, he could not have stayed alive."I'm obviously not the first archaeologist" to notice evidence of people who needed help to survive in stone age or other early cultures, she said. Nor does her method "come out of the blue." It is based on and extends previous work.Among archaeological finds, she said, she knows "about 30 cases in which the disease or pathology was so severe, they must have had care in order to survive."
Archaeologists find prehistoric humans cared for sick and disabled

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