Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Panda+Love on Drugs*

It's reported that several pandas suffered from depression and anxiety after the earthquake, but the Taiwan Pandas, Yuanyuan (left) and Tuantuan (right) are still in good shape.
When we read of traumatic events happening we soon move on. Those left behind don't have much choice to move on as their brain signals get stuck in the kind of repeating loop that would make most dance music producers wet their pants.

Panda's are intrinsically connected to the Earth Mother by virtue of their Ultimate Zen nature. They are sensitive souls. Is it any wonder that following traumatic experiences some suffer a depressive reactions?

Ecstasy was known as the love drug by virtue of the life changing experience whether you are hugging a complete stranger, talking shit or just taking a shit; 
Dudes. Pooping while rolling is the best feeling EVER. in fact sometimes when I know Im gonna roll, and I have to poop, I just hold it as long as I can. And then when i am peaking, not only does the poop come out in slow motion, but there is such relief, its ecstatic. Now Im not gonna go crazy and eat foods i normally wouldn't, just so I can have big poops...But thats not a bad idea actually Having to Poop While Rolling
Now Ecstasy is being hailed as a wonder drug in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and even had a full glossy advert on Channel 4 a few lunar cycles past. I find it no coincidence that the release of this shocking discovery comes so shortly after Sunshine and Sweetie arrived in Scotland, or Edinburgh to be precise and very close to Leith.

I am also not the only one linking Panda's and drugs. Behold:

Giant Pandas may be a rich source of powerful new antibiotic drugs, scientists have discovered.
This flies in the face of communist rat propagandists such as Penny Red who is responsible for Panda hate crimes. Just one earth cycle ago she  blasphemed as I revealed in Pandamonium #2: Pandagate Vs Red Feminist Conspiracy;
The thing about pandas is that they're the most useless evolutionary dead end ever to be preserved, at great expense, in the name of sentiment and nationalist flim-flammery. They're cowardly.
Sly gurning?
She must immediately release full retraction as the dark forces of science and conservation are massing against her. Behold;
Their endangered status and distinctive, cuddly appearance has turned them into the poster-child of wildlife conservation, but now there may be a new reason to save the giant panda from extinction...Chinese researchers found that the cathelicidin-AM, which is produced by immune cells in the animal’s blood, was found to kill bacteria in less than an hour while other well known antibiotics took more than six hours. The discovery that they produce powerful compounds that can be used to make new drugs will almost certainly strengthen the case to conserve the endangered creatures.
* it was established that one of the women of 2011 Sweetie and her bit of rough Sunshine, who has a very small penis, have been influenced by local kids giving them jellies.

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