Saturday, 27 October 2012

Solar Fart to Save America from Pounding?

"Heaven and Earth may be aligning to turn Hurricane Sandy into a real monster, just in time for Halloween."
NASA Sees Hurricane Sandy as the "Bride of Frankenstorm" Approaching U.S. East Coast
Warm, wild and wet from Cuba is promising to mingle juices with penetrating cold from Canada. The resulting froth is promising to explode over the eastern coast of America. Helped by the rhythmic motion of the full moon the surge could make things very messy as NASA explain;

"Sandy continues to merge with a cold front and is creating a monster storm with a massive reach...[she] is truly the "bride of Frankenstorm" because the storm's circulation is over 2,000 miles and the wind field of tropical-storm-force winds is hundreds of miles in diameter. "
Depending on which conspiracy theorists you consult it could have been President Osama playing a Haarp for Halloween which just do happens to fall whilst it is still Double Monday somewhere on the planet.

Non conspiratorial theories argue this is weather that happened before and will happen again. However this does not make people fall to their knees and pray for forgiveness. To achieve this heightened state of climate sensitivity a healthy dose of belief and paranoia are combined so we get a lovely glossy finish making any early winter storm the heavens throw at us into a truly biblical feast;
"Perhaps this weather scare that may well be much more than just a scare is God’s revenge for the refusal of the U.S. government to take action on the climate crisis"
It could well be punishment for killing the unborn in the womb at home instead of killing the fruit of uncivilised brown wombs who dare to question the belief that during a pending disaster you can make off with the gold in your pockets and live.
Depending on how rigid your belief,  there is always a god of misfortune to call upon to guide the flock home...unless of course you are a black sheep in wolves clothing*

In the absence of truth anything is possible especially if it supported by made up facts and figures. This is why I know for a fact that whilst some tremble before the weather gods they do not see the hand of divine retribution has already been dealt;
** which is enough to terrify even hardened Daily Mail readers.

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