Monday, 30 January 2012

Premonitions of the Faces of Evil

Some of the Kraken's effluent.
He may have escaped three cycles ago.
He must be lured back to the Mediterranean.
Our very future is at steak.
Image: Broken TV.
The future, the past and today are all the same.
The threats we face today are no different than those of our ancestors.
We are their collective imagination
What will be, has been

There is only FutureHistory
I intend to write it
This was a paper clearly intoxicated with arrogance of its own power
The Antipodean Beast himself has shattered his media silence and tweeted
"No excuses for phone hacking. No argument."
There is an argument but as always it is one sided. 
Back in the mid 80's he allegedly would have said something like this
In any country, in any part of the globe it was always so. 
As Bill Hicks explained 
François Hollande has directly threatened the city
Yellow Jackets
I believe it is now safe enough to reveal  some of this truth
Vespula may not threaten us now but they soon will
We can only hope this is the year without summer

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