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Old Age Terrorists #10 Trial and Prejudice

GingerLeaks Exclusive
The Flanders Pigeon Murderer

Rush Release: Due to the importance of this and upcoming emergency developments following the Met Office claiming we are in for El Scorchio, I have had to release this early. Expect further developments to be added shortly.

I have uncovered secret video tape of trial of the most wanted person in the known Universe, Captain Mainwaring [pronounced Manner-ing]. His reported crimes have something to do with leakage, which is a common affliction of the elderly. This is a great sign as it shows governments are now taking the threat of coffin dodgers seriously it is only the first of many steps until the day our youth and future are filled not with fear but the image of a boot stamping on an old persons face for ever. They should be ensuring old people never see the light of freedom now rather than waiting for the inevitable attack. Considering the explosion of oldies, we may already be too late.

What a disgusting waste of taxpayers money
This man was a bank manager and we erect statues for him?
Although Mainwaring appears to be a youth, at least from the media reports I've seen which make me doubt he even exists, it is possible he has been using one of those new fangled creams that alter DNA to defy the signs of ageing in the hope of passing himself off as younger than they are. Apparently it's marginally cheaper than botox. But what should be concerning us more is the media still being full of crass propaganda such as this lunacy
There is something very wrong about our attitudes to older people [I was in full agreement with him at this point, but this next part is pure propaganda so I switched off] We hear again and again about the “burden” of ageing, but we should be celebrating the fact that we are living longer. It is one of the great triumphs of the past century that we can expect to live longer than our grandparents [except for poor people who have much shorter lives thanks to fantastic government policies], as a result of higher standards of living and better health care. So why are we so gloomy in the face of something that should make us happy? [I would have thought this is obvious but journalists are known for collective amnesia and ignoring stark raving facts screamed in their face. Probably because they are to busy screaming at us to make us fear everything except what we should be fearful of, like the Kraken and the elderly not quite young people]
UK has second highest level of over-60s in work. Whilst some have lauded this as an improvement in society I beg to differ. I have argued before abpout the importance, backed up by government policy, of getting
these workshy layabouts back being productive in the community rather than sucking up our hard earned taxes and fucking downsizing the economy.
The Oldies not content with making us miserable and have previously declared war on language:
'Senior', 'fossil' and 'biddy' have been blacklisted by the lexicon of unacceptable phrases, which has been compiled by an international think tank. Instead, people aged over 50 should be referred to as 'older people' or simply 'man' or 'woman' followed by their age, the guide suggests. 'Old ladies' of both the 'little' and 'sweet' variety are also to be avoided, according to the report. 
The Police have warned about this behaviour
Photo by Chalmers Butterfield
Age discrimination is rightly rooted in society, yet the usual mouthpieces in the media decry this as 60 years of political failure? Failure!? I would have thought after 60 years the message could not have been any clearer. When it comes to survival and sinking ships the order is clear; women and children first, then the men. If and only if there is room the elderly may be saved, however this usually depends on if they can pay the fare for the lifeboats. It is not the mark of a civilised society to look after the weakest because that society is doomed to failure. We must cut out the rotten core and expunge the diseased flesh that corrodes young minds. Whatever old people have done for us, they can't really do any more not if they are frail. They have passed their use by date, so why not send them to do really dangerous jobs with high mortality rates so they can be useful for their last years? When they were young they would have known the high human cost of engineering projects such as the Panama Canal, but why waste young lives and minds that are so much more pliable? I think I have a plan. 

How many Protest Rallies have been called 'Bingo'?
Image: Wikipedia

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