Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Old Age Terrorists Part 6 #OccupyMonday

I can't believe I missed the significance of this. The seniors are trying to take over the Occupy movement. This can never be allowed to happen. We must pacify them first by threatening to reduce their winter fuel payments even more. I am also very concerned by the opening sentence of this piece:
Occupy Chicago is about to learn what civil disobedience was like back in the day.
Civil disobedience back in the day

In Chicago at this present time, it is still not yet Tuesday. They do not know the danger they face. The coffin dodgers are trying to make everyone focus on Monday. Monday is a red herring. It's all about Tuesday. The elderly know this. Tuesday is Double Monday!

This is my urgent message to the #OccupyChicago movement:.
Watch for the old flaky ones with the lizard skin it could be a biological timebomb and is probably contagious. Watch for the threat of the really old one with a beard in robes. Watch the skies. Get them out whilst you still can.
I now know the date when the takeover is due to begin. It's on a Tuesday. I was right all along. My campaign to ban Tuesday can wait no longer. We only have a few short seasons before he comes again. Fight with Love and Truth. The Hixian will Rise Against the Machine

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