Monday, 14 November 2011

Loch Ness Monster Seen on Surface of Sun

French sources have been watching the power of the Sungod and have said :
"the giant prominence is evolving very fast now ! When I started imaging it was looking like a Diplodocus !
I am no skilled amateur at this. I am truly gifted because I was given the gift of sight after experiencing 17 aftershocks. The gateway opened on 11/11/11 did not let in Dinosaurs and was not a metaphorical message to dig trenches, which German Chancellor Angela Merkel used just so she could mention the war. It's not a dinosaur, it's not a serpent or even a Chinese fire dragon, it's clearly a Nessie.
An artists impression of Nessie
Image: Wikipedia
Nessie beneath waves
Most people find it difficult to accept the truth and let go. The fear that makes us seek safety is only an anchor tying us to this world. Only now that winter is drawing down canwe speak of the true enemies without fear of reprisal.

I do not speak of the threat of Old Age Terrorists, nor Santa who NORAD have firmly in their sites. Although the governments of Europe have been praying for the claws of winter to claim the elderly in huge numbers, cutting payments in advance, this threat is much older and far deadlier. Only now is it safe to talk of the source of evil in this world and the legions he commands.But do not fear. The end of his time is at hand. This is the Dawn of a New Way.
Send for Action Archaeologist Harrison Ford
or the Geeks at Solar Dynamics Observatory

Soon an archaeological discovery will be made that shatters our illusions and understanding of our past. It will change our very understanding of this world. There is no need to dig to find it or call Indiana Jones out of retirement for another instalment. Discovered by a child, it lies on a mantelpiece loved but it's power clouds minds and they do not hold the key to the source only I do. It's owners fail to recognise the cosmic importance of the lump of rock nor it's power or how it will be the End of Science if it falls into the wrong hands. Even now GONADS are out searching for this sacred relic to keep it safe from the Baron, the source of all evil.

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