Thursday, 22 December 2011

Old Age Terrorists #8 Up Yours ******

I haven't mentioned old people lately as I have been focused on the threat from the Kraken, however I have not forgotten the threat from elderly yobs. It is after all the time of year when propaganda is at it's height and we are subjected to the pure mind melting onslaught of asking for alms for grumpy, old undeserving bastards. 

Seriously you would be better off giving your money straight to a hoodie so they can score some Haribo. At least with the young there is time for them to change their ways. Unlike this vile fingered 89 year old yob who 'meant' this foul gesture:
This is not unusual for supposedly frail old ladies as this 1974 documentary shows. Behold:
We should blame them before we blame footballers. Why are the police not doing anything about this clear outrage? It's clearly a cult of unwashed protesting loony lefties harping on about human rights, supported by a liberal conspiracy of a media that support constant sex, war and fear to gain Nirvana [takes breath].

Europe is run by old people. The Miasmatist's at the sun, were right about this old man twenty years ago. Behold:
Look at the date. Behold:
1 11 1990
911 911*
The Mark of the ancient Antipodean Beast
But the nature of the European miasma is such that it clouded their minds to the truth of the Kraken and his Tithe demands. Now that his powers have weakened, 86 year old apostle Jack feels safe enough to tell the world:
Everyone must examine their consciences**
* which is not quite as evil as 118 118 - moustaches like that are seen only on dictators; Stalin, Hitler, Saddam and Albert Einstein [evil by virtue of his old age, pacifism and those fucking adverts].
** a far better idea to examine consciousness instead, it's a much happier, funnier place to be.

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