Friday, 18 November 2011

Bishop Bashing Bieber

Did Gok wear glasses as a child? Did he refuse just in case he looked like Rolly?
Never hit someone wearing glasses unless they are bieber. It's for the greater good. 
It's was so evil that I had no choice but to make it silly to gut his evil spleen with laughter. Do not listen to the Cock One who has ingested record levels of the Dark Lord's wiggly stuff. Put wax in your ears (or alternately don't clean them in the first place) so that you cannot hear the insect frequency that drowns out pure thought.

Gok having a healthy snack when he was at Grange Hill.
He successfully sued the makers of the programme and then
relaunched his career  by getting other people naked. 

How Gok may have looked if he didn't escape the clutches of Grange Hill
Image: Wikipedia

However no matter what Gok might say he will forever be tainted by the Kevin Bishop Show, where [according to the official blurb]:"Celebrities are subjected to more Bishop-bashing"

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