Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Exclusive: French Stick in Britannia

The French trying it on with our Fat Slags
My highly trained but spiritually unmotivated monkeys have found this shocking story which is completely true, however I have redacted names to protect the fallen. However some of it remains graphic in nature and tissues should be kept handy for readers of a Daily Mail persuasion:
 He is best known for leading Britain in the great wars against France...[he] was an outstanding administrator who worked for efficiency and reform, bringing in a new generation of outstanding administrators. He raised taxes to pay for the great war against France, and cracked down on radicalism. To meet the threat of Irish support for France, he engineered the Acts of Union*.. and tried (but failed) to get [..] Emancipation** as part of the Union. [He] created the "new Toryism," which revived the Tory Party and enabled it to stay in power for the next quarter-century.
Iceland was molested
Her volcanoes vowed revenge
Norway could be next
She has only one volcano
Her scientists are trying to create more to stop the Swedes
These shocking figures show just why the Lizard Dave stood against the 1% (white) in Europe and their shocking extravagance:
Europe believes very much in the 1% as this Wiki chart shows
Dave does not as he considers it a shocking waste
The admin fee is a bit steep but reasonable
A spokesman for the 1% was asked for his opinion and pointed us to this YouTube video: 
* They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. That means resorting to smut is not the lowest of the low. 
** To be free you must swallow bitterness. It's a trust thing.

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