Thursday, 29 March 2012

Evil French Lies*

Whilst researching this article I found this.
Even I could not have made this up.
Google did and someone got paid.

the World's Greatest [Comedy] Conspiracy Theorist
[Self Proclaimed]
As avid readers of this blog will know, we can't rely on the media to tell the truth. For truth and laughter we rely on the internet in all it's weird and wonderful forms, including beliebers who are incapable of perceiving the truth due to extreme high levels of confusion caused by listening to Antichrist pop. The Antichrist, or him, as I like to call him  - happens to be the world record holder for swallowing Satan's spunk in his attempt to be the most annoying twat of all time - but this is not about them or him. When an anonymous source drops a news bombshell of FACT linking the French to 9/11...
The text and my reply
...I had to consult Psychic Bob for a second opinion. Whilst we cannot argue with the inherent logic of the second point, when the Theory of Bob is applied to this conspiracy it falls apart at the very first hurdle of logic - France could not possibly be involved an attacking move. I know my history, or at least the useful parts. The tribes of these Bastards Isles have fought the French long enough to know they'd much rather RETREAT than attack. 1066 and some bloke from Normandy, weren't French anyway. Bob and I also have witnessed this behaviour first hand on the fields. No attack is never an option.

There are many reasons to hate the French (look I'm trying to start a war and you can't go starting wars if you like people and see them as actual people, you have to dehumanise them and let's be honest that's not hard when the French are your target), 9/11 is not one them. I've already said it was the friggin missons.

* I am thinking of possible legal action against the French for their slander and as I am highly offended. I offer this knowing they are probably working on a cunning plan on how to diplomatically retreat. This will be the first phase of my psychic war which will eventually lead to hoards of drinking and fighting Northerners reclaiming our ancient land as London continues it's March to evict the northern threat

DISCLAIMER: If you take offence to this post bite me and take a look at the world outside your window...or the one on YouTube for that matter...and then blame Google.

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