Saturday, 31 March 2012

Old Age Terrorists #14 Fuelling Panic

Oldies have a history of fuelling protest 
I have uncovered a secret plot by the elderly, however first some news...

The Tory party are fearful of Generals Strike and Protest and how they could hypothetically hurt the feelings of our fragile economy. This is of course more preferable than accepting that crippling the economy with short term fiscal policies is causing our dear economy to have an emotional breakdown. This is perfectly highlighted by Lizard Dave's comments on a 'strike' that hasn't even been called
the most constructive thing they could do is call off the strike entirely
This is because, as we all know, a small strike or even uttering the words are, hypothetically, far more devastating.  People could die

Although like most things governments of all colours say and do, it did not come out quite as they planned
The advice from the government has even the police confused
At the 09.00 hrs Tactical Management Meeting this morning, emergency response police commanders like me were told that our response crews must not sit in queues for fuel because it sends out ‘the wrong message’ and may panic the public...
At the 10.00 hrs Local Management Meeting, neighbourhood police commanders were told that marked police vehicles should join the queues as soon as possible and get filled up as a contingency, in case the petrol stations run dry. If the public approach police officers in the queue and ask questions, we are to ‘reassure them’. When asked how and what to reassure the public about, an answer was not forthcoming. To queue or not to queue. That is the question.
However, rather than calm the situation the government have rightly attacked fuel drivers and telling these work shy layabouts they need to work harder for the economy
Tanker drivers are normally only allowed to work nine hours per day but the government has waived the rule to allow them to work for 11 hours...[t]he rules were introduced by the European Union to prevent drivers carrying dangerous loads from falling asleep at the wheel and causing accidents. So to add to the cocktail of panic-buying and "self-inflicted insanity", we now have tanker drivers exceeding the "safe" working limits. Fuel Panic
This is just red tape nonsense, probably thought up by the French. Supporters of General strike however have said they want to withdraw their labour viciously attack the overlords to prevent serious health and safety breaches
This week I saw a tanker driver loading a vehicle in a [fuel] terminal with hand-written instructions. When he was asked, he said he had been given only one day's say that is dangerous is an understatement. Petrol tanker drivers attack squeeze on safety and training by oil firms
In their strive for efficiency, the government are happy to drive costs and training standards down so that monkeys can drive several thousand tons of highly flammable liquid at high speed along our motorways. Instead of  accepting that if we do not drive down standards slave masters employers will move abroad, we have leftie, union supporting reprobates saying shocking lies 
Unlike water or gas, there is no regulator in fuel. The market rules. There is nothing requiring government to ensure supply is stable and safe. There are no minimum standards governing what the industry should do. This is why the industry is in danger of descending into chaos. ...It is certainly not a job that can be learned over night. Twenty years ago three months would be set aside to fully train a driver but industry fragmentation has pushed this down and down. Now we’ve got guys loading trucks not knowing what product is what. “Which one is unleaded?” I’ve been asked by someone about to take £50,000 worth of flammable liquid onto a public highway Fuel strike dispute: The view from the driver’s cab
I just don't buy this and firmly believe there was a hidden agenda beyond incompetence, increased tax receipts to bump up the quarterly figures or taking the heat off the budget by the rich and for the rich. When you look beneath the headlines you see fragments of the truth and it's all about the bloody elderly taking over and dangerously stockpiling
A lady about 75 was seen filling up 20 empty one-gallon paint tins with plastic lids and also a tray of jam jars in her boot with petrol Elderly woman seen 'filling up jam jars' at petrol pump
To me this stockpiling of potential weapons is a serious concern and I am stunned the government are not doing more considering the elderly have form in this area. To get a sense of proportion, imagine if a Muslim was stockpiling fuel - they would be arrested faster than they could say Jihad.
Considering the possible backlash from the grey vote the government should be desperately concerned  about the threat from pensions to be taking such serious measures. I intend to reveal the secret agenda of the budget. The attack on Unions will therefore be seen as smoke and mirrors, distracting our fickle minds away from the more serious concerns facing us
This is our Thatcher moment. In order to defeat the coming miners’ strike, she stockpiled coal. When the strike came, she weathered it, and the Labour Party, tarred by the strike, was humiliated. In order to defeat the coming fuel drivers’ strike, we want supplies of petrol stockpiled. Then, if the strike comes, we will weather it, and Labour, in hock to the Unite union, will be blamed.” Even I’m starting to wonder: what do this lot know about anything?
In light of the extremes being added to the cost of living and the total fucking insanity and paranoia, I have thought of the most cost effective ways of adapting to our new society now that pasties and petrol have become so unaffordable and divisive

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