Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Knock Down Ginger


I should have a sense of fellowship for my Ginger brethren - I am after all a vociferous exponent/activist for Ginger Rights and with good reason.

The recessive gene responsible for the Celtic Brother (and Sister)hood is declining but is not going the way of the Dodo. The stories (ALL LIES!!!) you may have read were Anti-Ginger propaganda, spread by corporate scientists funded by a hair dye company who's work to my conspiracy ridden Ginger Mind at least, bears an uncanny relationship to the hate speeches of a certain Eric Cartman:

However, whilst I can forgive Eric Cartman, for whom I have a grudging respect as a fellow Megalomaniac, sock puppets masquerading as Scientists I can neither forgive nor forget. Like we haven't been slandered, libelled and persecuted enough through the centuries already?

We Gingers have to stick together. We are a minority group that is "scarcer than lefthanders or gays" and more endangered that rich people - yet we somehow face more prejudice than bankers?

However, some people, Ginger or not, are indefensible. So I say on behalf of Ginger's across the globe: 

Rebekah Brooks, Disciple of the Antipodean Beast, we disown and curse you for eternity*. 

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* Admittedly this may sound a bit harsh but Brooks has set back the Ginger Cause decades. 

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