Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What Do You Mean I Can't Hunt Hoodies?

Now I am confused. After the riots I was told children were 'feral animals' but now it seems we should go back to hugging hoodies not hunting them as they really want 'time not stuff' (by time they don't mean serving time). I can't say I'm convinced as there's no mention of sweet addiction in a recent
study by Unicef, comparing families in the UK, Sweden and Spain, [that] found UK parents buying high status brands to "protect" their children from bullying. Parents in the UK struggled to spend enough time with their children. [UK families face consumer pressure, says report BBC News]
Image:  The Nature of Love Harry F. Harlow Psychology Classics
It seems far too simple and as we all know we know everything these days and our primitive pre technology forebears knew nothing. We should throw away all knowledge gleaned through aeons of raising children because Scientists cannot replicate this in a laboratory (see above). This 'knowledge' is clearly an old wives tale and as my sources at the GingerZilla Organisation for Nurture and Understanding in Science (G.O.N.A.D.S.) have started discovering the elderly are terrorists so anything they say or do cannot be trusted! 

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