Tuesday, 29 November 2011

#OccupyTuesday UK to Strike in Protest at bieber*

In League with Santa
All I want for Christmas is Evil to stop
Sometimes there are no coincidences. That the day before Double Monday the government spoke out against the 'militants' and 'hardliners' was no surprise to me just not for the reasons I had been led to believe. 

Avid followers of this blog will already know that:
Michael Gove: 'Infiltrating' Unions
Image: Donald Stewart
That this is all connected seems so obvious but even I never suspected the mass scale of the conspiracy. Nor did I expect to get such irrefutable proof to be laid before me by the great sucker of santa's cock himself. My conversion to supporting General Strike, having previously opposed him, happened when I found out the real reasons behind the picketing. I was not persuaded by the lies spread by the chosen pamphlet of left wing haters of their country, the Guardian, in their latest rant Five reasons to support the strike:
David Cameron says Wednesday's strikes are the "height of irresponsibility" and Francis Maude claims they will inflict "huge damage" on the economy. Their cheerleaders in Rupert Murdoch's Sun insist the walkouts – by care workers, refuse collectors, firefighters, teachers and nurses – to defend their "golden pensions" are "reckless" and "selfish". The Mail calls their leaders "antedeluvian monsters".
People cannot handle the real truth. And even though the Sun and the Daily Mail are opposed to General Strike, this is not why I support General Strike. I only need to give one reason:
I edited the name of this nasty song for aesthetic  and space purposes.
I also had to correct his spelling.
* I refuse to capitalise him. The more I repeat his name the stronger he grows. I know this I have read the Harry Potter books. I know how these things work.

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