Thursday, 19 January 2012

Needy Animals

Emotional blackmail.
Cats should be put down*
Guest Post:

We should ignore cats such as these [even if they are ginger] because they are obviously too needy at least according to the RSPCA. Needy people, or animals, bring out the vindictive streak in humanity, which I know from personal experience, being both a drain on resources and time. There's a bloody recession going on people so can we get real and stop this stupidity and focus on paying off the tithe to the Kraken. Think about it, and I do often, if there were no more cats...

* Signed
Prof. Mongrel, Head of Nurture and Development
GingerZilla Organisation for Nurture and Development in Science (GONADS)
Prof. Mongrel GONADS science adviser
Wanted for abuse of feline privacy**

** Prof. Mongrel has asked me to point out that he vigorously denies all the charges against him but has no knowledge of anything even if you are trying to bribe him with a meaty snack. When confronted regarding persistent rumours of emails showing the claims to be true that had been unearthed, he said they were forgeries as GONADS had deleted all evidence on the day the scandal broke. "This was routine procedure to save on storage space" he woofed "the timing is entirely coincidental. You can't expect me to be punished for shredding documents is official corporate policy across the globe an it's hardly new" He blamed the cat for spreading malicious fabrications and shitting in his garden. One of these statements was true. Although Prof. Mongrel is an employee of GingerZilla, any views expressed are entirely his own and that of his owner who happens to be a Bonobo monkey. 

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