Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Year of the Panda

The K Index can't be arsed and is doing a Panda
The Sun is continuing to defy the best efforts of David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy who sent a missile into the face of the sun because it wasn't doing what they wanted. The Sun has now flatlined in protest. 
Imagine this Hairy Ass Doing a TeaBag in your face
Image: Wikipedia
The Moon  and Jupiter
Image: Göran Strand
Frösön, Sweden
They are asking for a TeaBag
According to warmongering sources for some time the Sun has been very naughty and is going to sleep. Whilst David Cameron is now focusing his efforts on helping the bankers assassinate the Northern Terrorist Santa and Nicholas Sarkozy when is trying to confuse Europe by pointing his finger, the Sun has shown me the truth. It is anything but asleep.

As I have revealed, in my post Pandamonium, Panda's like to 'limit its energy expenditures.' Today I can reveal that the Sun is doing exactly the same. It just can't be bothered going for a full solar maximum and so instead may just give up just to show Earth and the lunatics running the asylum who is boss. As my source Cinderella once said 'Don't Know What You've Got 'Til It's Gone.'. 

If the world is to be reborn in 2012, as predicted by source called Maya, then it must be on the correct terms - Panda+Love. The Sun has been telling me to release the Panda inside Santa. I am still awaiting a reply from the world's favourite Serial Killer Dexter as I believe one such as he can help me achieve my goal. However, unlike Repressed Book Burner George Osbourne, I have a Plan B. I am considering enlisting a Politician as they are well known Psychopaths and should do the job although not as well as Dexter. 

Although Bankers are well known psychopaths and would appear a logical choice as no crime is beneath them, I do not trust them as the poor Kraken has been left bewildered and confused by their Tithe payments. The Kraken is not alone as most of the world collectively scratches their heads as they try and work out the logic of the latest round of European Debt restructuring and power acquisition. The Kraken's pain is so great that this weekend a Great Shadow will be cast over America and the Moon will turn Red. It is no coincidence either that a massive succession of storms threatens the Bastard Isles. I will link this to David Cameron but I am feeling Panda like at the moment a need a rest. 

I am awaiting further instruction from the Sungod so it can tell me what to do next, although the Great Filament has already shown that the world must have a Tea Bag this Christmas as a sacrifice to bring in the Year of the Panda as the Sun awakens in the Northern Hemisphere. 

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