Thursday, 11 July 2013

#SpacePorn Lunar Strokes

A Full Moon can give Men Heart attacks!*
Lunar effects on human behaviour and health have been postulated for centuries; associations between phase of the moon and both vascular and psychiatric disease have been reported. We hypothesised that admission with medically unexplained stroke symptoms would be influenced by lunar cycle... 
There were 7219 admissions during the study period, comprising 167 complete lunar cycles. Stroke admissions were evenly spread throughout lunar phases (P=.72). Admission with medically unexplained stroke symptoms was significantly increased during full moon phases (P=.023). There was no variation in admission rates during other significant dates. 
There was a statistically significant association between admission to the acute stroke unit with a diagnosis of medically unexplained stroke symptoms and lunar phase. The reasons for this observed variation remain elusive; our data do not support a convincing biological or psychosocial aetiology. Link (**)
* and stupid women if we are to be inclusive.
(**) may require your sort code and bank account details which will be passed on to a third party Ugandan wanted for questioning by Detective Horace Von Khute.

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