Friday, 12 July 2013

Tony Blair in Hacking Scandal*

Not the kind of offensive word you expect from a predictive text function. Imagine the outrage if a child had typed such an innocent phrase into their Guide to the [Social] Galaxy

Say hello to my little friend
It is entirely possible my Guide was been hacked by dark forces - darker even than the dark forces amassing against the repressed natives of Bongo Bongo land, who it just so happens have been linked to Diamonds, Guns and Transplants. There is no other logical reason for this effrontery.

* technically this is correct, however for the purposes of avoiding hefty legal fees for the temerity of breathing "to my knowledge the grinning side kick of the 5th Horseman apocalypse has already been linked to the hacking scandal and crime. As a result of this offensive communication I have been caused considerable distress including instant defecation whenever someone mentions his name. He has ruined my life and has not denied eating my hamster."

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