Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Bunch of Hunts

Artists impression linked to Tory sources
Rumours have persisted that killing brown things is what is needed in the war against bearded old people. Whilst most people have an aversion to killing, we will have highly trained, but desensitised monkeys perform operations from the comfort of their bedrooms. Although we cannot rule out on of them flipping out and shooting everyone in sight,  we believe casualties on our side will be minimised or we'll have a more subservient press corps.
Our research has shown the only known way to eradicate foxes, as with most things is to bomb them. Whilst people may say that bombing people foxes is immoral, we have to remember the threat they pose to us*. These foxes are riddled in corruption. The only way to stop this disease is to adopt extreme measures. It's only fair. The fucking vermin.

* not forgetting the manifold threats, in no particular order, from; old people, the Kraken, poor people, hoodies, the ntipodean beast, global warning sharks, book burners, beliebers and bland corporate machined coffee.** made by bastard monkeys paid peanuts. 
** Smiffy has informed me that the sources close to his fallen Great Leader had in fact misquoted him and he really meant Mainstream coffee spikes your soul. This may have been because with Smiffy it's far better to talk about the music instead of football or that John Terry is a chasm undulating in the netherworld of time. 

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