Thursday, 22 March 2012

Trevor 'Ming the Merciless' Kavanagh Fucks Students Scandal

From my unpublished archive files

Poor students in search of coke
Just like rich students in fact

7th May 2010
On the morning after the election it became clear Iron Man Cam was floundering in his bid for domination and would need help from Dem Libs, transforming himself into Calmon (a kind of fish). The population have decided that they don’t have a clue. We don’t really like or trust anyone or anything.

Ming the Merciless
Lover of Despotic Regimes not trying to kill us

Now former political editor of the Sun, Trevor Kavanagh, who may or may not run a side line as a celebrity double for Ming the Merciless, has taken a pop at students. I almost expected Ming to launch into a tirade against asylum seekers and other well known terrorist sympathisers. This is after all a man who in 2006 referred to Saudi Arabia as ‘moderate’ because ‘well, they are not trying to kill us.’ By this definition Nick Griffin is a moderate as he’s not trying to kill me - yet.

Students by media type casting are work shy, lay about fobs, stoned off their faces and shagging day and night with the odd bit of political activism thrown in for good measure (those internships are good eh?). Add this to the crippling debt, if or when they graduate, and the fact that most employers would rather employ a Taliban sympathising leper (it’s a wages thing) they are, for want of a better term – fucked.

But Ming is Merciless and grabbed the opportunity GMTV gave him to thrust his opinion onto the airwaves. Yes Britons, the reason the election in the United Kingdom was a total fucking disgrace, was lazy students. It’s nice when I have things interpreted for me by Ming, it simplifies things.
They don't look like hippies but all students are bastards
They don't support the war (I'm not sure which one)
It does raise the question how on earth these tyrant donkeys get to their position of semi power, because a rational intellect is obviously not a requirement. Maybe it comes from having green blood. Maybe it is down to the ability to be so accommodating - going as far as keeping the baby oil in the office drawer and saying ‘big boy’ whenever the boss shows up. Maybe they suffer a form of Stockholm syndrome when in the presence of the Antipodean Beast despite having their soul sodomised. Maybe it’s because there are always certain accommodating individuals willing to climb the greasy polls of power and service them. Or maybe it’s because Ming is a total fucking wanker?*
* I do apologise for the tone of this blog, however as it is a HUNG parliament I though it only right. I would also like to apologise to anyone who believes in the virtue of fapping by associating this prick with such pleasurable activity.

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