Wednesday, 1 February 2012

STD's The Virus of Twits

Solar Ring hur hur hur
It is a well known fact, that Americans don't get our humour. They apparently don't do irony either. It is also quite well known that idiots run the world because that is what I always keep hearing. With humour, irony and idiocy in mind behold how this budding terrorist was stopped at the borders as the war on language continues:
Homeland Security reported: "Mr Bryan confirmed that he had posted on his Tweeter website account that he was coming to the United States to dig up the grave of Marilyn Monroe. Also on his tweeter account Mr Bryan posted he was coming to destroy America." Caution on Twitter urged as tourists barred from US
However all this is a side show to hide us from the scary truth that governments and secret groups share peculiar handshakes and compare their willy sizes, that little green men do exist....or that the Sun[god] is sending us messages that only I can interpret;
3 days before my first revelation, the Sun[god] smiled upon the earth:
Smiling the 1st Signs
On the Day of Revelations I felt the power of the Sun[god] and my purpose was clear. The frequency and all that I could perceived changed. I saw for the very first time:
Drinking Games - Death Star Code 
On the Day of Rapture, the Sun was smiling upon us
The Great [Panda] Bear
3 days after the Great Lie was exposed a Nessy appeared
Nessie Swimsuit Picture Exclusive
7 days later a filament sprawled over the face
Sun gets a Muffling
3 days before the First Double Monday of the Mighty 12, I revealed the truth hidden in plain view as the Sun[god] bombarded us with ill winds
Europe Stinks
Particles from Ill Solar Winds hit 
On the day, I revealed to the world the awesome power of 3 revealed to me by the Sun[god]
3 is the Magic Number
On the Second Double Monday of the Mighty 12, I let a hippy ramble on about how Solar Wind affects us on a spiritual level
Captain she cannay take anymore
On the Third Double Monday of the Mighty 12, I showed the world the latest solar winds theories:
Solar Queef?
3 days before I the Forth Double Monday of the Mighty 12, I told the world of the Fight with France. On the say itself I was busying fighting zombies and oldies (who look and sound remarkably similar) as the Sun[god] sent us another solar shock wave
Now on the Fifth Double Monday of the Mighty 12, Behold:
New sunspot 1413 is emerging in the shape of a ring.
Will this unusual sunspot have the kind of magnetic field that produces strong flares?
Stay tuned. Space Weather
This facial ring could be infectious as I appear to be suffering from a phantom virus and I am closely linked to the Sun[god]. Some would say viruses, especially sexual ones, are quite normal in the Bastard Isles and it is a seasonal rite of passage. Indeed, puberty is marked by a festive battle with the legendary Chlamydia. I know better having been connected with the Sun[god] and ask in all sincerity if the Birthday Comet, Lovejoy, gave the Sun[god] an STD*?

* Solar Transmitted Disease

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