Monday, 26 December 2011

Cosmic Latte: Did the Sun Let One Off?

The Met Office said that Northerners are no better at coping with the cold than southern larger drinkers. As this is the same people who predicted a BBQ Christmas* I remain to be convinced. However, in a way they were right about the BBQ element, if you considered the sun let a couple off this festive period.

It is then no surprise a storm is forecast in the North during this time.
Netweather GFS Image
The first one the Sungod let rip was bad enough and we are in position to be downwind of it, but just to make sure the Sungod made sure we get one right in the face. Behold:
This is pretty potent stuff which contains particles. There are no cosmic underpants to prevent leakage so we will get this one right in face. As space sources warned:
According to a forecast track prepared by analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the cloud should squarely strike Earth's magnetic field on Dec. 28th at 20:22 UT (+/- 7 hours). Another CME could deliver a glancing blow a few hours earlier on the same date. The double impact is expected to spark mild-to-moderate geomagnetic storms at high latitudes.
These Mexican Shaman divined many years ago what could happen with such a cosmic start to consciousness: 
* this may not be true. The vagarities of weather prediction meant it was always going to be as statistically possibility. I would have predicted a grey Christmas. One year it might be beige. If I was given a beige coffee I'd ask for my money back and ask myself how I have walked into a Starbucks? Fermented monkey spunk has more appeal than the Devil's Spunk

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