Thursday, 29 December 2011

Giant Panda Wildebeest in Meat Photo Shoot

Panda eating Wildebeest
Did the Wildebeest jump or was it pushed? 
Sunshine and Sweetie appear to have settled down well, but the diet of bamboo, whilst great for roughage does not cure the itch from their ancestral bear blood. They want to fish, but just can't be bothered and supermarkets are totally not Zen (and the packets for bamboo shoots are far too small anyway). Chewing bamboo in such immense quantities is worth the effort only if Complete Zen is achieved.* That was until they landed in Scotland and the psychic ether awoke ancient memories and no bear is a bear without salmon. There is no other reason Sweetie and Sunshine would visit Scotland,which would stretch even the wildest realms of the ancient custom of Panda diplomacy.

Some people, especially anyone who writes for the Daily Mail is probably scratching their head and wondering how something so unbelievable cute can eat fish:
It was previously thought the creatures were strictly herbivores but as this infra-red camera shot taken in Ping Wu, in southwest China's Sichuan province shows, pandas sometimes do prefer a meaty snack.
Anyone with a scintilla of knowledge (or if you read this blog) would know they eat meat and would be far more interested in the real mystery behind this story. Ming Pao Real News (as translated by Giggle**) revealed the Panda has managed to conjure up a carcass from Africa. How else can a Panda, in China, be eating a Wildebeest? Behold:
At first, only giant panda wildebeest wandering around, although wildebeest observation has been staring at, but does not seem eager to enjoy the food. At 1:00 on the 12th or so, it slowly close, the paw toward the rubble of the wildebeest.

First bite spine, and then ripped flesh, clear picture from the screen, you can see the case of the giant panda big mouth to eat meat, "enjoyed." Shao Liang Kun said that although the pictures can not see from the giant panda's sex, but It looks very strong.

Around 5 am, enjoy complete food, giant panda slowly leave. Photos show, this time the bodies of wildebeest is running low.

"From the point of view the case of wildebeest deaths, should not hurt the giant panda***." Wanglang National Nature Reserve Authority Chen Youping that people are aware of the giant panda's staple food is bamboo, but it really is by the carnivores evolved, the photographs is a good proof, "is the first giant panda meat to the photo shoot."
*The repetitive chewing motion opens up the crown chakra creating a direct link to the heavens, it also opens up the digestive tract and is a metaphor for shitting on Naraka. Whilst this may seem very un-Zen, we must not forget that we all came from shit in one way or another and most good things grow in shit. 
** this is not nearly as funny as when Giggle attempts Icelandic. I am sure that a future war that ends all life on this planet will be Giggle's fault, which is an improvement from a previous thesis I had on Bill Gates after many years of unfortunately using his programs which have taken years off my life. Worldwide he has, collectively, robbed several thousand millennia from the lifespans of humanity. This also includes beliebers, so I was stuck in a quandary until I remembered Double Monday is a far greater evil. 
*** I am not sure if this meant from a PR or digestive perspective. This may explain the antelope/wildebeest anomaly. Antelope are not so good to be eaten, although since they look like deer they deserve to be hunted and shot or end up as road kill. Bambi was propaganda. For the real deal on deer check out this video.

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