Monday, 18 February 2013

Profit George to Set Up Tax Abuse Helpline

"Tell us how did your tax abuse make you feel?"
Profligate Profit George is hoping to keep the yellow bastards in the coalition of the willing quiet by throwing poor brown people a frickin' bone. There is a central belief in the corridors of power that poverty begins at home due to fecklessness, idleness and genetic inferiority, but charity is useful abroad to shut the liberals up. Behold
Writing for the Observer Osborne makes it clear that while it is important to force multinationals such as Starbucks and Amazon to pay their tax bills in the UK and the rest of the developed world, it was the world's poorest who often needed the greatest help.
This will have the liberal media establishment and their cronies frothing in support. Behold;  

You see because those poor starvin' Marvins need our help more we must stop worrying about conditions at home. How can you argue with this? You inhuman bastard. Here look at these poor bone ridden darkie slaves*
*Due to FAG restrictions no darkies were allowed to play themselves.
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Just because poor people only respond well to incarceration, we cannot assume that strong deterrents such as arrests, prosecution, jail and the death penalty will work on the rich. Indeed such revolutionary action would cause the economy to come over all faint and before we know it the very bankers, hedgers and economic sodomisers we are chasing will claim immunity and flee to a tropical banking island they already own. Even fines - a virulent form of communism discriminating against the rich - are doomed to failure as the cost is passed down the food chain of accounting until the customers are charged for breathing.
tax avoidant people should not be treated with discrimination; they should be treated by medical experts and counsellors. tax avoidance is a disease, not a crime,” UN Secretary-General: Drug addiction a disease, not a crime 
What George is proposing is a sensible agenda to target tax avoidance for the rich, now seen not as a crime but as  a treatable disease, usually resolved by a few weeks therapy, some champagne and a heartfelt apology written by committee. However these poor executives, directors and chairs will find themselves relapsing unless we can treat the underlying cause, the real sickness in our economy;
Tom Coburn, the subcommittee’s top Republican, said tax avoidance is a mere symptom of the disease, the real sickness being America’s high corporate-tax rate and a ridiculously complex set of rules.
The liberal solution to this is always to apply a new set of poorly written and thought out rules, the conservative solution is to cherry pick the ones you like and destroy the rest in case they fester too long. Much of the time it would be easier to just use what you have at hand rather than chasing the dragons tail in the hope a magical scale may fall off before you get incinerated.

Poor people in protest against poundland
after Ian Duncan Smith withdraws their citizenship benefits

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