Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Clarkson the Defence+Latest on Cameron's Austerity Christmas

Not Guilty (of some things)
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I have said it before and I will say it again, Jeremy Clarkson is Innocent* even the Mexicans would agree, although that may be because they are more worried about the War with America. He was obviously trying to save himself some money in these Austere Times and avoid paying for advertising since the BBC provide this service for free. However, as laudable as this money saving effort is, it diverts valuable funds away from paying our debts. 31,000 people need to have a look at the state of the world around them, or even better the country (think global act local) and focus their energies into making sure the Kraken is paid his Tithe! As Clarkson said himself over a previous murder controversy
There are more important things to worry about than what some balding and irrelevant middle-aged man might have said on a crappy [BBC] show.
It is quite unbelievable that so many people have their priorities wrong, although with 15 millions beliebers on Twitter I am not that suprised. Instead of cancelling Jeremy, they should think of cancelling Christmas which is a much more sensible idea. Jeremy brings much needed funds to these Bastard Isles, Santa brings only misery for many families without the option of changing the channel. 

Sources have told me as part of the Cameron's Austerity Christmas or CAC* drive and as the economy is about to do a swan dive we forego the Christmas presents this year since it's the thought that counts. Anyone thinking of sending a card should look at the cost of postage and keep the paper for winter fuel. Cameron feels  that for many families an email or a text message will suffice. Once Santa is removed from power it won't matter much anyway if the kids are upset.

* Pronounced Cack

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