Friday, 10 May 2013

The Cunts of the Apocalypse

Get Behind Thee.
A decade or so ago when told by the Fifth* Horse of the Apocalypse 'Dubbya' that ' You are either with us or against us' I took a different route and asked where I could put my name down for 'none of the above'. This is often taken as a sign I stand for nothing which avid followers would know is an anathema to me as I campaign for the abolition of tuesdays [Double Monday], beliebers [mind washed children of Memnoch], the freedom hating french, anti-Kraken bankers or one of my many bugbears that deserve attrition, resistance or contempt.

Many believe I am with them misunderstanding I have no love for their pavlovian salivations on twitter. That an antiquated Antipodean Old Age Terrorist understands this is not a wonder. To some I may have been born at the wrong time. Alas I am just an echo chamber of the wisdom passed down through time trying to shake the comatose to consciousness whilst there is still time.
Blindly joining one side is anathema to me as it is for you. Cunts think that if I’m anti A then I must be pro B and get nasty and hateful to discover I despise them all equally. The only approach, as far as I’m concerned, is the middle of the road Devil’s Advocate stance.Dear GingerZilla, What Can One Say About Maggie?
* Whilst many [right thinking] Americans believe Barak Osama is the Anti-Christ I have a deep unease at buzzing sounds, which could be wasps [thankfully decimated by the coming Ice Age from the North] I cannot rule out drones sent to silence me and thereby praise his glory.

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