Monday, 4 March 2013

Psychic Robo Rats

Ladies, Gentlemen and None of the Above. The Rats are everywhere! Behold;
The brains of two rats on different continents have been made to act in tandem. When the first, in Brazil, uses its whiskers to choose between two stimuli, an implant records its brain activity and signals to a similar device in the brain of a rat in the United States. The US rat then usually makes the same choice on the same task. Nature
The only question now is when does the Pie Eyed Piper come to steal the children*?

* PEP has never answered questions and I am touting a programme to solve this riddle. I am hoping to get the CSI and NCIS teams to help me conduct investigations. To infil segments I will have dramatic reconstructions and shaky camera work.

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