Friday, 1 March 2013

#BorderWars on Drugs

Steven Seagul may be called into action following the lastest escalation in a war the media have been passing off as a border dispute.

true patriots want an up close and personal war with Mexico. Not only is the broadcast signal better on the 24 hour live feed for Snuff Vision, it offers a great revenue stream for advertisers and saves a fortune in petrol. Besides sometimes it's nice to have a holiday closer to home and be able to cycle up to the border and lob grenades at anyone trying to cross [the border].

War on Mexico

This poses a great threat to the peoples of the South who are oppressed horribly by threats from every direction.* It is understandable why they are worried about the castle walls being breached and their fear of anyone having bigger cannons than them.
Although immigrants blend into the DNA, language and culture it is worth remembering humans are immigrants between villages and continents. Instead of fighting amongst ourselves a looming crisis, we may need to come together to face the plague of rats infesting the hills.

* this could well be due to geographical location and being a ring road for winds, moisture and immigrants both foreign and domestic.

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