Monday, 4 February 2013

Sun[god] to Dave Kiss my Ring

When they said it was a very hot curry...
For the past few days I have been in a deep comatose state trance communicating with the Sun[god] asking why cats are allowed to exist and why there is a such a lack of media frenzy about faith facism*
In fact the way the media are so behaving you could be forgiven for thinking that, unless 'moderate' Saudi's [read Muslim] are raping and killing their children [warning pretty graphic descriptions], raping and killing children doesn't merit reporting certainly not when there are gay penguins to get outraged about. To any sane lay person you would think they are part of the same conspiracy and cover up, probably because they are part of the problem:
I mean seriously, how could they turn down an obvious opportunity to froth at the mouth and lament the loss of innocence whilst they are busy telling us 'how grown up' a child starlet is counting down the seconds until she's legal and probably using up the supply of free tissues.

I wondered what Dave the Lizard, as the leader of the bastard Isles, had to say on this important issue  but he's far more interested in swanning off in his full time job as #1 Arms Trader for UK PLC and puffing

So you see I had little choice but to throw myself into a self inflicted coma to escape the white noise and let myself bathe in the rays of light and love. I learnt much which conveniently will remain hidden from my consciousness until the allotted time when I am in possession of the Twelve Holy Daggers of Antioch. What I can remember was pleading for mankind, that we are not all like our leaders who so wound the Kraken. I believe that is why we didn't get one in the face from the Sun[god] and has nothing to do with a quiet sun. Behold;
Early on Jan. 31, 2013, SDO observed a phenomenon in AIA 304 that most of us do not recall ever seeing before: a ring-shaped filament that lay flat above the Sun's surface. Plasma streamed along the magnetic field lines in both directions along the field lines. Before long, the filament became unstable and erupted in a large swirl with most of the materials falling back into the Sun. A small filament that was behind the larger erupting filament is reveled [sic] by the eruption. The video clip  in the SDO Gallery covers about eight hours of activity

This ring is a clear indication of the Sun[god]s thoughts and feelings on this matter - He agrees with the Tory bent over benchers that Dave must be made to kiss the ring and I am hoping the European Space Agency will lend me a test rocked I will fire into the Sun[god]s gaping orifice to fulfil this prophecy for him to be become a total Chasm Undulating in the Netherworld of Time or CUNT for short. Now whilst this may sound extreme Dave has form and you should hear what GONADS wanted to do to him after seeing this. Behold;
There were even more upset he did not fulfil his Manifesto promise to kill kittens.
Avid readers of this blog will know all cats are murdering little shits.
They are to bio diversity what Monsanto are to Indian & Vietnamese farmers.
And whilst I'm at it I repeat the demands made the day after the forth double monday of the mighty twelve+1 [i] in WAR on France: France Farts in our General Direction
we must invade and reclaim South South England (which is blasphemously known as northern france). However I feel that Dave the Lizard (without a solid bone in his body bar his unswerving commitment to swallowing his pal's corporate jism) will wimp out hoping instead to declare some quasi war with the European Union by picking and choosing which parts make him the most money. The yellow lizard bastard must be ousted as once for this pathetic attempt at appeasement before he flies back waving a useless peace of paper telling us we have 'piece in our time.'
* islamofacism, be it real, imagined, using a small fringe group and saying that there is a secret muslamic ray gun plot or entirely made up when it's reported in most of the media which, if I'm being honest,  is the most likely explanation since they have such form in making things up.

[ii] or Wednesday 23rd January 2013 in the calender dreamt up by paedophile priests which was based on one invented by paedophile emperors. It's quite telling how these people have a penchant for interfering with things. 

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