Thursday, 21 February 2013

#FutureHistory Plague in North, Poor Cast Out of London

Without begging Dave will have to bin raid for dinner.

Poor Cast from Slums

The more things change
Council says welfare cuts force shift of 2,816 adults and children to areas up to 200 miles away with lower housing rents Camden council plans to move 761 poor families from London
the more they stay the same
Return of the East End slums: Rogue landlords create 'sheds with beds' to illegally house migrant families in one of country's poorest areas Daily Mail
despite what we may call progress
Gradually, improvements for the poor were made. In 1848, Parliament passed laws that allowed city councils to clean up the streets. One of the first cities to become a healthier place was Birmingham. Proper sewers and drains were built. Land owners had to build houses to a set standard. Streets were paved and lighting was put up.
Over time, slums were knocked down and new houses built. However, these changes did not take place overnight. When slums were knocked down in 1875 the poor people had little choice but to move to another slum, making that one worse. Few could afford new housingNational Archives


Last week, two* new infections of the novel coronavirus were reported in [Northern] Britain, bringing the total number of cases worldwide to 12 since the virus was reported last April. Of the 12 people infected with novel coronavirus, five have died. 'Coronavirus belongs to same family as Sars' South China Morning Post
Those who fail to understand love will always be guided by fear.
Because fourteenth century healers were at a loss to explain the cause, Europeans turned to astrological forces, earthquakes, and the poisoning of wells by Jews as possible reasons for the plague's emergence. No one in the fourteenth century considered rat control a way to ward off the plague, and people began to believe only God's anger could produce such horrific displays. There were many attacks against Jewish communities. In February 1349, 2,000 Jews were murdered in Strasbourg. In August of the same year, the Jewish communities of Mainz and Cologne were exterminated. Wikipedia Consequences of the Black Death 
 * I get the feeling the numbers may be subject to change but the Bastard Isles may now hold 38% of the shares in this virus.

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