Friday, 1 June 2012

Snuff Fiction Redux: Legalities

To Kill or Not to Kill
Global warming is hoax and a reality. The the idea of a liberal media owned by very rich people is a hoax and a reality. Freedom is a hoax and a reality. They are also incredibly boring to many people who have no interest in delving deeper and taking the blue pill. This can be the only logical reason that no one has paid attention to the warnings I have been screaming like a shrill caught in the headlights about the dangers we face from the notorious FUGITIVE justin bieber 
I seriously give up on you people. NO ONE IS LISTENING. He is scarier than pink milk or a plague of fucking VVASPs that enter your twilight dreams as soon as the first burst of summer blows up. In My Honest Opinion he threatens us all. If they could conquer Al-Capone on a tax charge then we finally have something tangible to attack beliebers with! Everything is relative, subjective and open to interpretation. If the world wasn't this way the legal profession would look like this

TheGingerZilla vs Injury Lawyers
This is my artistic interpretation of Poverty Stricken Lawyers
I sincerely hope modern art takes note or they will feel the Sun[god]'s wrath
As we now know, liberals in the media don't exist as they are in reality watermelons or communist rats - either way they have a red centre. Although as I am sure the serial killers amongst you* would agree under the skin we're all red. Unless of course you are a lizard or French
Blind faith in the cult of any mann corrupts the soul so that if sufferers existed in a parallel universe with a caustically sarcastic Spock they wouldn't be dignified with a reply. Silence can mean many things. Yet often life throws up allies whose faith ultimately is the same as yours. Those who profess a blind faith in the market yet scream at those who dare question their beliefs and resort to dark arts not truth are as deluded as the most football supporter, who will excuse a good face stamp as a mere 'accident'
Therefore I reserve the legal right - as long as I'm paying for it(**) - to support nothing, none of the above. That way I'm appealing to everybody.
Obviously the reason the Mongol Warriors [Join Me or Die!] are not in outright opposition to those who practice such arts and has absolutely nothing to do with trading weapons with the locals - because like in a political soap opera everyone is fucking at it. That people have been burned in Carthage for believing they would not help the rebels attack the empire is just another statistical probability. 
This may have been illegal or legal depending on your point of view or, if we are being brutally honest, especially in the Bastard Isles your ability to survive is based upon your ability to pay for someone to explain the intricacies of the Chewbacca Defence to the viewers at home jury[iii]. The apparent inaction of not smashing someone's face in is not diplomacy, tact or pre meditation of a crime. In real life you cannot stop reading or press the delete button. You cannot start life again. To continue a path of consumption is not homogeneous to humanity or hippies even if I hate the latter. The cult of destruction is not rational but a repressed psychopathy. Some people get off on Armageddon  Porn, others in the flesh - pink, brown or red. Bludgeoning your own should not be frowned upon in any state, it is our ultimate human right to show our eternal commitment to each other on the macro and micro levels.
The only way to stop violence is to inject a massive dose of our kind of high tech violence and watch it spread so we can create a safe environment, where freedom and democracy allow us to transcend so we we can build Jerusalem from the corpses of their virtual dead.

On the plus side, with the TV schedules looking on the shit side at least we can look forward to another bout allegations and snuff fiction sooner or later, it is after all 2012.

* I am still hiring for the Christmas Offensive. I hope to launch my final solution [death not included] to #ReclaimSanta by teabagging the son of bitch when the night is at it longest. Whilst the sun may be as it's weakest, gingers are at their strongest and have little fear! We are one of the few species that do not always look forward to summer (unless overcast) and fight the fucking cold dark wet of winter with multiple depressions, interspersed with occasional rays of light and binge drinking. We own these Bastard Isles!
(**) Any charges liable, implied or otherwise, shall be null and void, excepting the application of a six per cent administration fee for all gold transactions as part of the most magnificent celebration of tithe bearing. All claims by France shall be null and void by virtue of their collaboration with the great socialist enemy across the channel. Even those who do not pay income tax are tax payers - even those the shirkers on disability and pension benefits. Only a chosen few are ever spared the burden of life's certainties; death and taxes. I may be looking up, but not at you - I see only stars.
[iii] Terms and conditions apply. The jury shown in this advertisement is an optional extra and may cost you your life if payments are not kept up sunshine.

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