Thursday, 31 May 2012

Old Age Terrorists #13 Queensland's Public Enemy #1

It could well be Mr. Burns and Murdoch in a perverse collaboration
Through the course of everyday life you come across obstacles. How you tackle them reveals much about your personality and often what is going on in your life. Unless you prepare yourself properly then this happens:
I came across such a conundrum when I was contacted last year by one Les Johns, a native of Queensland who from what my diligent research has gathered was a major enemy of former regional premier Anna Bligh. It is entirely possible he is sowing the seeds of destruction for the new regime that replaced the morally bereft regime that had it's corrupted tendrils everywhere along the gold coast. This corruption spread itself through a network of henchmen and collaborators that is still in place awaiting new orders. 

He is a free thinker and therefore differs from the mewling cabbages of his peers who are happy to collect their [undeserved] pensions and whittle it away on the frivolous whims of their age. In light of my campaign against the elderly I must tread carefully, which is something old people must do as you can always hear them coming with their bones creaking and cracking or the give away huffing of breath from climbing the curb. 

Now this is well and good [oldies suffering] and I am satisfied that governments' repeatedly under fund health services to ensure these codgers are crippled by age and are not able to run around in a fit and healthy state. The thought of a health service that fixes problems rather than letting someone profit down the line, frightens me. Imagine if the elderly were more mobile. As it is I intend to take away their mobility vehicles as they are fucking lethal!* 

Having thought long and hard about this I am, for now, willing to keep allegiances - as any good dictator can and should - because any truce is null and void the moment my ego goes into overdrive, although having done my history revision tackling Russia may be beyond even me at this time. I am of course looking for generals so I can always leave that to them. Now back to this degenerate, I will call a truce with this Les as I may learn something about my foe and with the great distance I feel relatively safe from his terrorist behaviour. He also seems to agree with the government policy of burning old people which is a vote winner if ever there was one in a world of dwindling market resources. We must face facts. There are more old people now than at any time in our history, we have a surplus but have not figured out how to use them as, despite government legislation, they aren't dying off fast enough. I can understand the hesitancy, but there are few remaining choices. We must get rid of the grumbling, seditious, terrorist old gits

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