Monday, 28 May 2012

Blair on his Knees for Murdoch

An artists portrait of Rupert Murdoch
Many people have either lost interest or have no idea what the Leveson Inquiry is.  The only thing that is certain is that it has something to do with the evil miasma from the lizard turd that the Antipodean Beast Rupert Murdoch has covered the UK press in, which has included lots of hacking (I believe this may be from the smell). Like most flies wallowing in shit, some Conservatives are are trying to flee as the spotlight shines on them, other unmenschionables are crying 'foul' and saying the whole process is partisan whilst trying to blame the old labour government who are entirely to blame for the global recession, the extinction of the dinosaurs and killing Jesus*.

Meanwhile Labour are counting the thank you gift of gold for spending so long covered in shit, or being in government as it is also known. With such divergent opinion confusing the public, I thought I would create a helpful summary;

You don't cosy up to the Antipodean Beast Rupe without side effects such as a forked tongue, eating the flies stupid enough to buzz around the turd you left behind and losing your soul
Leveson: Square this circle. Blair's last speech as PM - press are feral beasts. Then he becomes close pals with the biggest beast of all!
although if I'm honest I would struggle to find a convincing argument that Tony Bliar ever had a soul to lose. I think the Tories were trying to tell us something back in 1997.
Image: The Guardian

* one of these three statements is factually true as the Labour Party were collaborators with the Marabou Storks of financial terrorism during a 13 year period of giving in to terrorist demands governance, although if I'm honest every party in power the past three sun cycles shares collective blame and should be fed to the Kraken for allowing these thieving fucking bastards to reduce the Kraken's tithe. 

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