Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Old Age Terrorists#17: Death or Taxes

Pensioners are too quick to deny rumours they are responsible for the worlds economic woes.  However, the facts Dave the Lizard pointed out, in between geeing up the party faithful for an upcoming hunt on benefit scrounging hoodies, are hard to deny
the single biggest slice of the so-called "welfare" budget – some £110bn – is in fact consumed by pension benefits. Any serious fiscal conservative would have linked this observation back to their narrative about containing costs, but after volunteering it the prime minister blithely went on to defend every last winter fuel cheque and free bus pass as jolly good things.
This had my blood boiling. But it got worse
...this month's official data...charted a tide of poverty ebbing away from the old and towards young adults, ...the biggest single prospective pressure on social security bills – the move of the demographic bulge of boomers into retirement – and instead drew a ludicrously sharp line between virtuous expenditure on the over-65s and the vice of spending on anyone else. As a rising pension age sees punishing welfare rules imposed on men and women well into their 60s, this division will be revealed as arbitrary and cruel.
No. Apart from disagreeing on principle as this editorial was written by a communist rat at the Guardian newspaper, there is a far greater issue at stake. Allowing the elderly to live is cruel. They either drop their pension demands or they cease to retain their ability to breathe*. Everyone has to pull their weight or face being placed in the burners to continue the drive for greater energy sustainability. 

* Due to NHS cutbacks breathing apparatus is now an optional extra


Anonymous said...

This is another mess the previous government has left us to mop up

GingerZilla said...

Thank you. I have Anonymous sources.