Monday, 5 March 2012

Kraken Sets off Giant Wave

BREAKING* Video sources have hinted that the Kraken may have escaped the clutches of the Mediterranean  some months ago and set off this monster wave in the process.
Garrett McNamara has not denied he is preparing for the creation of Arizona Bay when he hopes to train a crack squad hardcore Surf Vikings to ride the Tsunami, but then again we haven't asked him.
"So many holes in the ground, so many politicians to dump into them for sacrifices to the volcano gods..for quick executions so that the world may become a better place.." link
* in geological volcano porn terms

UPDATE: We have not ruled out this story being a false flag, wide of the mark facts or an internet hoax orchestrated by anonymous twits using parody accounts. The Kraken can be kept in Middle Earth if we act quick. The Celts must overwhelm the Gauls because the French cannot be trusted ever since they made an open declaration of war against me by besmirching me in an unwarranted and unprovoked attack.

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