Saturday, 10 March 2007

For the War but Against the Troops

There often seems to be a presumption that our troops are courageous but reluctant heroes sent to do the dastardly deeds of others. This therefore exonerates them of any culpability. What is often ignored is our troops willingly join the armed forces from blind, rabid patriotism and often racism.

Our beloved troops willingly swallow the lies they are fed and there +is+ a very strong racist vein about kicking Johnny Foreigner and teaching them a lesson. Although the British view seems to very much hold that it is in fact the American troops that are the perpetrators, the collective zeal is to “kill some sand niggers” (Bill Hicks). Obviously this is not all troops but it is a sizeable chunk rather than rogue elements. If our police force can be described as “inherently racist” why can’t our armed forces?
When new recruits are trained they are spoon fed the same “intelligence” (propaganda) about the “enemy” that’s made to sound exclusive but is the same bull**** the rest of us are supplied. The latest is to state the Iranian “threat” and make it sound as if they (military top-brass) have information that the “civvies” don’t. Sound familiar? How many people trusted Tony Blair because he must have known something about Saddam  Hussain and his WMD that we didn't?

It doesn’t take a great leap of faith to realise that you are sadly +not+ defending the great unwashed public, or the nation but rather elite interests. It is hard to sympathise with anyone who has willingly signed up to become cannon-fodder in the interests of the establishment and +not+ the protection of our country. It’s like joining the Nazi’s because you wanted to defend Germany but you were prepared to ignore the less savour polices they undertook!

Bill Hick’s once said “aren't you [military] all a bunch of ****ing hired killers? Shut up! You are thugs, and when we need you to go blow the **** out of a nation of little brown people, we'll let you know”

UPDATE (2011): This article is in need of some Cosmetic Brain Surgery. Results soon…

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