Monday, 2 September 2013

EXCLUSIVE #NaturePorn Bongo Bongo Native with no Bikini

Our exclusive* video shows sex crazy incapacity benefit claiming asylum seekers from Bongo Bongo Land engaging in arduous^ physical activity AT YOUR EXPENSE!

It is quite unbelievable that these tax payer funded bloody scroungers from the developing world** are allowed to breathe because clearly they have only come to the country to rape murder death kill. Clearly this shows how government policy is not rigorous enough in dealing with these miscreants. We must shaft the people, who if we are being honest, are just begging for it. Behold:
Sir, get your facts right

The following video has been prescribed by the GingerZilla Organisation for Nurture and Development in Science for treatment of Permanent Testosterone Tension (PTT). Although it is not as primal as doggy style paddle it features breast stroking, which may provide a mild visual aid to help PTT sufferers. Daily Mail and Express readers as well as the [non] Tax Payers Alliance should remember that these monkeys are on a tax payer funded jolly. They should be in forced labour camps not having holidays at our expense!  In all cases it is advisable to have tissues handy.

* I prefer limited edition but the editor wouldn't bite, although he did tell me if I persisted he'd 'bite your fucking hand off'. 
^ apparently swallowing chlorinated kiddy piss is healthier than destroying joints at the gym. This has me confused as I thought smoking was banned indoors.
** By carefully applying a similar lens to western science and philosophy we can see that we have completed the circle and have gone back to spraying perfume under our noses to avoid the stench.

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