Tuesday, 15 January 2013

#CommunistRats Hugo's Mutant DNA Strain

Fear and Loathing in Brasil 
Apparently I'm supposed to do a piece about Hugo Chavez. As he has mutant DNA, great swathes of the western world are eagerly waiting to piss on his grave. I asked if I should be compassionate to another human being but apparently he is not just a communist rat, but the feared National Socialist strain. In this light I will rehash something from six earth cycles ago in Dig Deep for Oil Relief. Behold;
Indeed that ill-disciplined meddler, President Hugo Chávez, of Venezuela, “spends two-thirds of PDVSA’s budget on his populist social rogrammes, with almost $7bn being funnelled in that direction by 2005, compared with the $77m spent in 1997 by the previous government, the Rice Univeristy (sic) report found.”[6] 
Spending money on the people, as Chavez does[7], is of course very bad, it is "wasted" - unlike leaking oil in the Arctic[8] or giving it to shareholders so they can continue to piss on the little man from the window of a 4x4 Porsche’ they bought with their dividend. What a bad example this Chavez is – he was elected to spend the money on the people and he’s doing just that! At least our leaders know about elections and governing - by the corporation and for the corporation.
Whatever else you read about Hugo just remember that he is a bad, bad man even if your brain is undergoing total bullshit overload. If you want to push it remember he is part of a South American cartel that has threatened to take the Falkland Islands from us!

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