Friday, 21 December 2012

Kraken down on the Banks

Pay up or else!
Just as the criminal justice system is not a racist conspiracy, neither is it a fair or equal system. Each step of the way, from policing, to courts, to counsel, to sentencing, to prison, to parole and pardons, the system falls most heavily on the backs of the poor, innocent or guilty. Designed to control and contain the dangertous classes, the criminal justice system "works" and functions perfectly well in safeguarding the political and economic status quo.
When a poor man, especially if they are black, steals a loaf of bread they can expect a lengthy sentence and should count themselves the death penalty is not currently at their disposal.

If the purpose of prisons is to be a tool of social control to dominate and oversee the poor and working classes who might with political consciorusness and organization, pose a threat to the status quo, then the institution of prison is a resounding success. That it can trace its origins and growth to the rise of slavery further supports this. It also explains the absence of rich people, of all races, behind bars
When a banker launders drug money, performs insider trading trashing entire economies for a few bollies in bonus and lies to the government then of course a fine is appropriate. Such an example clearly shows that the punishment met out to the poor is not appropriate for men (and the odd woman) of HIGH finance and HIGH moral fibre. It is as any #FutureHistory fan should know. Behold;

crimes that cross class lines (i.e., ones that rich people often commit too) will never see harsh mandatory minimum sentencing laws. Child molesting and drunk driving are two examples of this. No one will openly argue that child molesters or drunk drivers deserve a break, as opposed to the poor blacks, whites and Hispanics who possess five grams of crack and get sent to federal prison for five years to mull over the error of their ways. The end result is a system of virtual impunity for the wealthy criminals...Russell Macguire is the predatory pedophile that is every parent's nightmare. But the heir to the Thompson submachine gun fortune, who was once worth an estimated $100 million, has led a charmed existence with the criminal justice system despite a track record that indicates a career pedophile. In 1977 Maguire was charged with raping several girls he was traveling with, but those charges were dropped. In 1978 he was found not guilty by reason of insanity for raping an 8-year-old girl in a national park in Washington. In 1984 he was convicted in Florida of molesting an 8 year old girl who said Maguire had lavished her with gifts, spent the night with her in his condo, fed her baby food, made her lie on top of him and rubbed her beneath her nightgown. Represented by F. Lee Bailey, Maguire pleaded no contest to the charges and received ten years of probation. Dodgy Liberal Source who may or may not support the right of criminals to ransack your home
As it said he was 'convicted' ergo justice served, move along people. When it comes to a white hooded/collar crime where a disappointed look simply will not do a fine is appropriate as any fine - rightly - will be passed onto customers to ensure profits are not affected. We must always consider the benefits to the banking industry and the wider economy rather than thinking of poor people who should be in prison begging for alms. Indeed the working poor should consider it a positive bonus to be so heavily indebted as their limbs have not been ripped from them, although some Shylock's have been calling for such measures in private.

Despite evidence of wrongdoing, the Justice Department has allowed the bank to avoid prosecution and pay a $1.9 billion fine. No top HSBC officials will face charges. While it’s reportedly the largest penalty ever paid by a bank, the deal has come under wide criticism. Officials reportedly agreed to seek the fine over concerns that criminal charges would have hurt the global financial system. Untrustworthy Source
In normal circumstances when logic is applied the reader would be inclined to believe the whole system is in thrall to a banking elite. This is nonsense. The thought that prisons are just for the poor is a communist rat conspiracy. Clearly government are aware of the economic panic that would set in if the den of thieves was raided. Worse still the Kraken, who only avoided London in the summer due to inferior gold and a small standing army, would feel terribly rejected. No leader of any nation wants to be the one banished from the pages of history for releasing the Kraken.

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