Thursday, 22 November 2012

#SpacePorn : Solar Fart makes Lady Puke!

On the day after the forty-seventh double monday of the mighty 12...the mighty Sun[god] let a few slip. This made Lady Tongariro puke. Behold;

In August, the day after we fly-tipped our nuclear waste on Mars, another solar slippage made the lady sick
Before the August activity, the 1,978m (6,490 ft) peak last erupted in 1897. BBC
Evidence of the malodorous portent that caused the latest upchuck. Behold:
Norwegian sources
With any solar fart it is not so much the high pitched, high speed ones that are threatening us. Nor is it the subsonic woofers which must give the Sun[god] immense relief. A slow, sour magnetic seepage in the face would be Apocalyptic! Even being downwind could result in a possible chain reaction of magma being puked up on a global scale making this year with no summer seem like a face melting afternoon queuing in Heathrow. I'm pretty sure I can use NASA to back up my theory if I can be bothered but it must wait for now.
Instead I asked GONADS, the GingerZilla Organisation for Nurture and Development in Science who assured me even they would be sick knowing that was heading their way. "We can sense things like that" a spokesdog said before confirming a cat had been put down to stop the spread of the deadly cat flu virus which may be linked to CATastrophic global warming*. They also checked my numbers:

21 11 12

Straight off we can ignore 11. It is binary. It is one too few. It is wrong. It is for the inverse reason of one too many that 13 is unlucky and wrong. 11 and 13 are not perfect. Only 12 is. 12 is the magic #3

In 12 days it is a double monday. This makes me weary and gives me a headache but that is the reaction to the toxins if I'm honest...the toxin of double monday. But toxins can be washed and the fragile self cleansed by a wall of tears.

This can only be good even if it is a double monday. No double monday can stand up to the power of the mighty One Two. This will be the turning period where the promise of light brings love.

Consider this, in 21 days[of this post] it is:

12 12 12

This is good. As is 21 12 12 no matter what Maya is supposed to have said. The winter solstice should be embraced not feared. Fear, the threat of hell and retribution are only a nightmare we can wake from.

Anyway I am far more alarmed about double monday 25 12 12 the day when the red cloaked evil one comes again. He must be stopped. We must reclaim his soul and I have found a way to reclaim the Giant Panda trapped inside Santa.

In your face Santa!

* GONADS have claimed that a tipping point for humanity approaches if the level of cats continues to grow. Their findings have show a significant (*) correlation which can only be attributed to rising levels of Co2, however further studies are needed before conclusions can be paid for drawn. They are willing to consider alternate theories. Payments Subscriptions can be made by paypal although money transfer to an offshore bank account is preffered.
(**) there are many known unknowns in this theory. It is quite possible that the totality of what is known is no more than the tiny dots in this yiggy yaggy sign
image: Compo

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