Monday, 19 November 2012

Old Age Terrorists #25 Carts of Death

"It's a Hell's Angels look for people with limited mobilityImage
Whilst I concede that not all pensioners are terrorists, just terror suspects, can we afford to take any risks when the future of our civilisation and our economy are at stake?
One earth cycle later my Old Age Stalker Les Johns sends me this disturbing news:
A Gold Coast RSL club recently suspended an 84-year-old member for three months after he was caught allegedly hooning through the club on his scooter. In Ballina, northern NSW, where many mobility scooters whiz around, two women were put in hospital last month after being run over by a 92-year-old scooter rider.
It seems that whilst governments have taken heed of my warnings by the use of increasing repressive economic legislation, it is not enough.
Mobility scooters were linked to more than 60 deaths in Australia between 2000 and 2010, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.Gold Coast MP Alex Douglas said they were becoming a "major problem" and called for laws to be overhauled. Scooter seniors ageing pace-fully Courier Mail
Indeed wars have been started by the odd person being killed or even the threat of being killed - a threat which may only exist in the mind of the person making it up. Governments cannot say I didn't warn them:
We must face facts. The elderly are statistically, probably going to kill themselves anyway, if not by suicide bombing then by driving deadly car missiles
We are constantly told of the danger of ideas spreading, it is a shame this is not applied rigorously to old people. The lack of strong government action explains the sudden rise in copycat behaviour:
Twitter is full of people complaining that users don't seem to be "disabled enough". "Mobility scooter users are aggressive sociopaths"
As the government have launched a surgical strike on disabled people - or workshy benefit scroungers as they are known in parliament - it is only logical to declare all out war on the elderly.
  • How long before one of these supposed suicides are revealed as a grand plot to bring mass death?
  • Can we trust a corrupt and servile media to tell the truth?
Look how this story from the bastions of truth the Daily Mail frames the story pulling heart strings:
A pensioner killed herself by deliberately driving her mobility scooter into a shallow lake having never recovered from the grief of losing a daughter almost 40 years earlier, an inquest heard.Depressed Brenda Nelson was discovered face down in the water after heading at ‘full speed’ into 2ft of water at Barton Marina, in Staffordshire, the coroner was told.
Before the real intent - murder - is revealed:
Two hours earlier the married 66-year-old had driven towards oncoming traffic and head-on into the path of a truck, a police officer told the hearing
It is not yet too late. I have a plan...

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