Saturday, 10 November 2012

BBC The Freedom from Information

Management have been Gagging the Staff
On childrens television known rats such as Jimmy Saville and Roland Rat ruined many a childhood (according to Smiffy). I have already shown that the BBC have proven links with Communist Rats like Lenin

This culture of secrecy has helped bury the story that - former keyboard player with ultra soft rockers Dare and known occult follower of the CERNgod - Brian Cox has been stopped from phoning ALIENS by the BBC in case they picked up. They want us to believe this is for 'health and safety' reasons. Asif. How can we expect the BBC to tell the truth when they are circling the waggons?

'Individuals wanted to share their views but didn't want it widely known that they were there' FOlA judges: Secret 28 who made the BBC Green will not be named, The Register
Do the nameless 28(**) not have the courage to stand behind their convictions? I would have thought not even a coward would hide when the science is so settled. Indeed in the early hours of this morning I saw a program on Russia Today where a Rommulan claimed the consensus among scientists was '98 or 99%'* 
"In tonight’s 'B[*]gger Picture' discussion Thom talks with a panel of experts about climate change and the Right’s refusal to believe in science."
How can you not stand up and reveal yourself with that of proof? Unless...

If you are of the irrationally paranoid persuasion [which is a positive quality to have in leaders with acute megalomania] - each and every Freedom of Information Request is obviously an orchestrated denial campaign.

Further, if we consider that only a conspiracy theorist believing the moon is made of Cheddar - not Gorgonzola - would not be able to figure out Freedom of Information Requests=possible 'Death Threat'! I base this on Global Warning Shark Theory which states that no warming is cause to believe the warnings of warming were not alarming enough and need a higher content of fudge in the climate mix.

In such circumstances clinging to your connvictions and sanity by the tips of your chewed off fingernails is not an unreasonable position to be in. Indeed it is possible you do not fear Climate Chaos enough. Only Climate Heathens would not be throwing themselves from the climate altars to appease the Co2 offended climate gods by this stage.

Only those Mann who proclaim the faith from the highest hills (safe from rising tides of people subjected to bigger and bugger waves of carbon taxes) will not need to throw themselves under the wheels of the climate waggons as an act of faith to the indisputability of climate science.

So it shall be written because we will burn anything and possibly anyone that says otherwise.

* Apparently the remaining 1-2% of 'deniers' were fossil fuel funded fundamentalist foundations according to a satellite linked believer not in the studio. I believe this is the reason why ALL THREE panellists were true believers talking to an already affirmed host. I was so alarmed by what I heard in three minutes and that there wad no mention of polar bears or the Kraken for that matter. I was so alarmed I turned off to reduce further extreme levels of emissions coming from my tv. I slept soundly knowing I had done my bit for the Mighty Earth Mother Environment or Meme.
(**) 2+8=WRONG. Binary Bloody Crap from the BBC.

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