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AGWOE*: When Septic Sceptics Speak

The Augurs were heavenly yet ominous.

On the Eighth Double Tuesday of the Mighty 12
I saw the warning signs in the heavens. The Antipodean Beast came to these shores to launch his latest assault on our consciousness and he took away my voice. I had to learn to speak again. I was sent down into a deep darkness as the forces of evil reached inside.
Beliefs cannot be justified, except in relation to other beliefs David Deutsch, 'A Dream of Socrates' taken from The Beginning of Infinity. Penguin 2012
Ancient witch-hunters believed in censorship too:
To read these encyclopaedias of witchcraft is a horrible experience. Together they insist that every grotesque detail of demonology is true, that scepticism must be stifled, that sceptics and lawyers who defend witches are themselves witches, that all witches, "good" or "bad," must be burnt, that no excuse, no extenuation is allowable, that mere denunciation by one witch is sufficient evidence to burn another. All agree that witches are multiplying incredibly in Christendom, and that the reason for their increase is the indecent leniency of judges, the indecent immunity of Satan's accomplices, the sceptics. [Modern Witch-Hunts]
There are those who say this method of silencing voices, whilst raising the mob, continues. The thing is they don't have the same sources I do and they don't believe in mythic creatures (**) although if I'm being honest - I  don't  believe in mythic creatures either. I  know  they exist.

I also  know  the forces that talk  at  people about AGWOE*, the Ancient Greek Warning [system] for the Orifice Economy, are certain that if they keep repeating themselves long enough everyone will - eventually - question their own eyes and sanity. True believers recite their prayers to call down the wrath of the heavens upon non-believers. All politicians know words are meaningless to them, no matter how useful they might sound.
This is despite the wealth of evidence clearly showing  they  have been making things up the whole time. Facts do not matter when you play to the emotions, especially fear. The attention seeking Succubus's throw the smoke bombs of victimhood to cover their own trails of destruction. It is not only a pattern of behaviour, it's a known form of psychopathy rife amongst Lizards, modern journalists and celebrities(iii)
A mysterious warming of the climate was slowly manifesting itself in the Arctic [i.e. far North]...[if] ice regions and the major Greenland icecap should reduce at the same rate as the present melting...oceanic surfaces would rise to catastrophic proportions and people living in the lowlands along their shores would [need paddles]. He said that temperatures in the Arctic had increased 10(iv) deg. Fahrenheit since 1900--an "enormous" rise 'from a scientific standpoint. The waters in the Spitsbergen area in the same period had risen three to five degrees in temperature and one to one and a half millimetres yearly in level."
I was trembling when I read this bit
The Arctic change is so serious that I hope an international agency[TM] the navigable season...lasted three lasted eight months. [Newspaper source , Three Hale Cycles ago during a bitter winter]
the traditional 3+8=11 interpretation is totally wrong as it gives a binary answer.

Correct: 3 8 = 24/=(69)=\42 using Applied Bob [808] Theory

Of course I cannot put my theories up for public debate as they are sacrosanct and most of humanity is not worthy, being subject to extreme jealousy and sheep like minds wanting to be told what to think rather than  to think. My theories are only partially based in science which is a fucking political minefield anyway, especially when the grants are being handed out. Getting climate science to adopt a new theory that questions the consensus on the consensus is like asking a politician not to shag his secretary.
What we should be doing is is getting rid of the political bias. We should get rid of the notion that there is a consensus...Scientists don’t agree on very much in this field. It’s a very new field and certainly they don’t agree that carbon dioxide is driving climate...I think what they need to do is actually take a step back and say look – this whole dogma of...human caused climate change has become so sacrosanct that nobody’s questioning it and yet science is all about questioning...We think that what’s needed is public education so that people can learn enough about the basics of the field that they can make up their own mind. And they may agree or they may disagree with us and that’s their choice.
It is in my interest to have science adopt my ideas unquestioningly. But if I'm being honest this is about more than just science - it's about people in the here and now. If we cannot treat our own well today then what hope do we have for the children of the cycles to come?
[the Africans] looked outside the conference and they said, “Look at all these people protesting. They’re protesting about what might happen in 50 years, whereas we need the money and the help now.” You know and they were really angry about this and justifiably so...they are saying that the value of a person’s life in 50 years is more value than a person living today. And that’s what the U.N. and others are saying when they put almost all their effort on what might happen in 50 years versus what is happening right now. I mean, left or right, you know it makes no difference – that’s immoral...You know there’s something wrong with that. And that’s where even left wingers and socialists and people who ordinarily wouldn't agree with us completely agree with us....we may be causing catastrophic climate change and we should work on that but there are real people now that are suffering and dying because of climate change that we’re not helping. And that is immoral. Is Skeptic Tom Harris a Dirty Denier of Climate Change?

Six weeks from the blessing of swirling breath, when the Ides of March has passed and as the day of fools approaches, watch the heavens for the voices that sing in laughter, restored to their former glory. Namaste

* Not to be confused with the sadly missed Aggro1 who has been possessed by Angels and Filth
(**) As the [self proclaimed] Worlds Greatest Conspiracy Theorist, I'm sort of obliged to.
(iii) Celebrities are a Death Cult. They often die young, drained of their lifeblood. They are followed by zombies wanting a piece of them.
(iv) This is a binary figure and if we know anything by now it's to ignore binary. It's just wrong. I've seen the Matrix you know and read about hijackers hitchhiker's. 42 is always the preferred ratio.
^ who is this secretive international agency and why are they instructing me to [redacted] trigger words [redacted] making me binge [redacted] drink.

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