Sunday, 27 January 2013

EuropeanPorn#1 Daves Dirty Davos Money Shot

Dave Doing the Dirty in Davos.
Disgusting when he should be at home with the wife .
The daily mail missed a brilliant marketing opportunity this week by not offering their readers free tissues when Dave finally delivered the money shot in Europa's face.

Maggies When Harry met Sally moment.

Some believe benefit scrounger maggie thatcher delivered the all time greatest money shot, when really she was faking it. The far more likely explanation is she was creating a distraction to draw attention away from the Global Warning Sharks was their fingers in Europa's pie.

The Goddess Necrophelia

The corruption of something long dead has infested Europas hole long before it was repeatedly ravaged. Even now Bavarian Banking Barbarians are plotting to take advantage of bastard bankers. Knowing all is fair in love and war anyone watching could be forgiven for cheering them on.* Even the Keiser has come to watch the walls of Britannia fall.

But when an unholy seed has been sown there are always traces. Whilst to some avid readers of my missives may think would be the time when Jeremy Kyle rises from the seas, the devoted will already see the furious hands of the Tithe at work as I have long predicted. They too will know things are going to get so wet and wild we'll need to do more than just wash the sheets.

The filler of snuff fiction pumped into our homes, devices and the dominion of the holy roman remote control empire is a gift that just keeps on giving.

*Although this will involve more claims and counterclaims afterwards than there are claims of innocence within the entire global justice system[i] with most claiming they weren't there.
[ii] most of them coming from lawyers in response to any billing queries.

Postnote - when I add the links the post will make more sense.

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Anonymous said...

Really? He looks like Paul Whitehouse going 'ooh suit you sir'