Wednesday, 1 August 2012

#FutureHistory: German Propaganda

The day after the Thirty-First Double Monday of the Mighty 12
It appears that the Democratic People's Republic of Germany* may be supporting the Global Warning Sharks. In a bid to make them change tact and see the divine error of siding with the French, I propose a third way(**) which will scythe through the propaganda of ages
Secret Plans Leaked
Look closely and see a glorious future
The Bastards are natural allies of the Germans. Through our unfortunate proximity to our common enemy, we both know how deeply untrustworthy the French are. My proposal for a North Western Alliance (NWA) will allow our countries to breathe again as the Bastards occupy most New South England (or Southern Kingdom) and Germany can move west leaving Bavarians to defend the heartlands against Russian Bears. This ensures that we do not repeat the grave errors of the past by underestimating just how fucking cold the winds blow from Siberia and how tough you have to be to survive on fermented blubber. 
The heavenly blanket that unites us.
On Double Monday the Heavens were aligned so.
We should have invaded.
This is why the reclaiming France is the only logical solution. We can leave the blubber to the Innits.

* Also known as the Federal Republic of Deutschland or FreD for short. 
(**) Tradition teaches us that to unite they tried War in the ages of steel and silicone. Then they tried diplomacy, but sadly not Panda Diplomacy, which led to the third technological age where the creation of CERN[god] led to economic deicide. This culmination, whilst logical, is just wrong. The supposed Third Age was nothing more than a glitch in the matrix and by the time the program is restarted we'll all have moved on anyway.

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