Saturday, 5 May 2012

Old Age Terrorists # 19 Profit George's Attack on the Elderly

There has been much consternation in these Bastard Isles and it has nothing to do with the football.

Many libraries offer a mobile service for the elderly, taking books pamphlets of hatred to them.
Seniors studying the Art of War
Books are found in libraries, therefore they must be closed as they are obvious places of subversion - a bit like bingo halls. Fuel hoarding elderly people use libraries. It is possible they store their books with their petrol. It is also possible that the wily old terrorist Yoda, is looking to lead youngsters to eternal doom. The government made their feelings about scavenging, foul mouthed codgers clear at the budget by increasing the pension age. Of course this was more than offset by tax Bob in Hood tax method. 

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