Monday, 2 April 2012

42 Buildings and Budddah

Gorilla Gardening with Fred - it's Evolving
As Buddha saw upon his Enlightenment, the Tree of Life, the connection between Heaven and Earth, is composed of these letters, letters that are the very principles of thought, and in both Tian Tien Buddhism and Tantra these forty two letters represent the forty two steps and stages on the path to enlightenment: the Bodhisattva Path. [Padma Prakesh]
The numbers of the Big Bang are 42 - coincidence?

Tower 42
home of Evil GnatWest
before it was psychically reclaimed
I have called building 42 a den of inequity evil as it one housed the Counterfeit Bastard Islanders. Secret meetings were held as they plotted to spill the blood of children to prepare their sacrifice to the economy. This pillar of doom is cursed and sends out discordant transmissions over the frequencies. It must be reclaimed and allowed to be a herbal garden run by mushroom picking gorilla's, tamed by the cannibal Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall who will be in charge of cooking and pest control.

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